Targets Project Objectives


TARGETS sets out to improve energy efficiency of cargo ship operation as a whole, addressing all relevant aspects of energy consumption, their causes and operational procedures. In TARGETS, a holistic approach to optimising the on-board energy household of cargo ships is sought. Based on a careful analysis of prime energy consumers covering both, design as well as operational aspects affecting energy efficiency, the most important potentials for savings are identified.

Based on these considerations, the overall objectives of TARGETS are:

  • Improving the overall energy efficiency of cargo ship operation and thus contributing to truly eco efficient maritime operations in terms of reduced energy consumption and emissions.
  • The assessment and development of tools, methods and technologies to improve the energy efficiency of ships during both, Design & Operation.
  • Addressing the most important influences, TARGETS will concentrate on main areas such as resistance, propulsive efficiency, use of alternative energy sources, on board power management and tools for optimising energy consumption.
  • Achieving a step change in energy efficiency of cargo ship operation through a holistic combination of the most promising measures applied in fields offering the largest potential for savings.
  • Focussing on realistic cases and applications, TARGETS shall achieve advances over a short period of time.